The "Missions" information is presented to inform and provide some insight by way of discription of the mission and points of contact for more specific mission related information.  It is hoped no stone would be left unturned as we seek to reveal all the Lord is doing through the entire length and breadth of the Shiloh Baptist Associaiton.  This requires that the information be presented in two distinct areas.

Association Missions: These are the missions traditionally promoted and managed by the Shiloh Baptists Association Missions team.  Those would be the "Impact Virginia," and what has typically been referred to as the "Disaster Releif" missions such as Nicklesville, Appomaddox, VA.,  Ethel, LA., and other areas where the Shiloh Missions Team solicits volunteers to undertake a special mission to assist a distant church as coordinated through the Associaiton Council.  Reference the Missions Team on the "Contact" link on the Home Page.

Individual Church Missions:  These are missions undertaken by individual member churches of the Shiloh Baptist Association.  A few recent examples are:
Reynolds Memorial Baptist Church has undertaken a missions to assist in the restoration of a church in Belize Central America, or
Forest Grove Baptist Church which has undertaken a mission to assist a startup church rehabilitate an existing building here in VA. 
Pastor Mike Dodson of New Salem Baptist Church has undertaken a mission (Hope For Appalacia) to help children in West Virginia schools with food, clothing, personal hygene needs while all along spreading the gospel to the students, parents and teachers alike.

Reference the specific church which lists specific missions on the Individual Church Missions.

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